Korea Jung Ki Hapkido & Kuhapdo of America
Jung Ki Kwan New Jersey
Practice Session - January 17, 2009
Seated: Masters: Chris La Cava (Connecticut), Sheryl Glidden (Maine), Michael D'Aloia
(New Jersey) Stuart Emery (New Hampshire), Brian McCann (New Jersey)
The Jung Ki Kwan is under the direction of Grand Master Lim, Hyun Soo, 9th Dan promoted by
Founder, Choi, Yong Sul of Daegu City, South Korea (www.jungkikwan.com).  

Our Jung Ki Hapkido practice session with 50 in attendance was outstanding.  It was great to
practice some good ol' fashioned Jung Ki Hapkido.   We were happy to  have the Jung Ki  Kwan
of Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Fred Hunt and John Friggon of the JKK
in Athol, Massachusetts at this session. We were also happy to have Master Anthony's TKD &
HKD of NJ  students, and Master McCann of NJ and his students.