Our teacher is Grand Master Lim, Hyun Soo, 9th Dan promoted by Founder, Choi, Yong
Sul.  We pride ourselves on being of direct  lineage to Founder, Choi, Yong Sul through
Grandmaster Lim.  Grand Master Lim studied with  Founder Choi the longest of any HKD
student in Korea - 19 years. Nine of those years were special private lessons.   Our group
journeys to Korea to Grand Master Lim's  Jung Ki Kwan to practice and learn Jung Ki.  We
then  disseminate the original HKD teachings to our students locally, throughout the U.S.,
and internationally.  We are particular in preserving the integrity of the techniques.

In 2005,2007, 2010, 2012, and 2013  Grand Master Lim came to the U.S. for  Jung KiI
sponsored Hapkido & Kuhapdo seminar tours. His hosts were
Master Michael D'Aloia of Jung
Ki Kwan New Jersey and
Master Sheryl Glidden of Jung Ki Kwan Maine.  

When becoming a member, you can expect a great deal of support from the Jung Ki masters
and instructors.  We will help you learn the Jung Ki Hapkido and/or Kuhapdo (sword)
systems.   We are happy to visit your school for seminars and/or private lessons.  We are
open to sharing our teachings with other martial art styles or Hapkido schools who would like
to learn and incorporate Jung Ki Hapkido and/or Kuhapdo into their schools.  We are
particular in preserving the integrity of the techniques therefore we have two membership
(Affiliate School & Full Member School.)  Contact Master D'Aloia  (201) 320-4067 or
Master Glidden (207) 831-1885 for further information.

Masters D'Aloia and Glidden began Hapkido training in the 1980's.  While there are various
Jung Ki masters/instructors in the U.S.A. with various ranks, Master D'Aloia and Master
Glidden are two of the five original  first generation American masters (D'Aloia, Glidden,
Brackett, May, and Miller) who first applied to be direct students of GM Lim  and the Jung Ki
Kwan after traveling to his dojang in 1996.  Many other good masters/instructors have
followed as the Jung Ki Kwan has flourished in America and around the world.  For many
years, Masters D'Aloia and Glidden have studied directly in Korea with Grandmaster Lim and
hosted him numerous times in the U.S.  They have also have had two articles published in
Black Belt Magazine and Tae Kwon Do Times about GM Lim and  the Jung Ki Kwan.  Out of
the American masters, they are two of the  most senior Jung Ki Kwan students in the U.S.A.
who have continued their Jung Ki training in Korea and the U.S. non-stop since 1996.
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All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to the teachings of Founder Choi, Yong Sul & Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo
Korea Jung Ki Hapkido & Kuhapdo Association of America
1st Generation
Jung Ki
American Masters D'Aloia & Glidden
In 1996 Master D'Aloia and Master
Glidden first met Grand Master Lim.
In 1997, Master Michael D'Aloia and  
Master Sheryl Glidden traveled to the
Jung Ki Kwan in South Korea for the first
time.  In 1997, this U.S. group was the
first to apply and be accepted as direct
students of Grandmaster Lim, Hyun
Soo.  They have been practicing the
Jung Ki Kwan Hapkido techniques
passed on from Founder Choi to
Grandmaster Lim since first meeting
Grandmaster Lim in 1996. .
Last updated  February 16, 2013
Master Mike D'Aloia